Hello and Welcome, my name is Miss Casey. 

I have been working within the childcare sector since 2014 and have my Certificate III in Early Childhood Services and in the end stretch of my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at university. I have worked within many centres around the Jimboomba and Park Ridge areas, also working in kindergartens over in Taiyuan, China in 2014-2015. As a passionate young 20-year-old then, I gained many valuable and hands on skills that reflect within my teaching practices. I have undertaken many roles such as assistant, ECT- Early Childhood Teacher, Educational Leader & 2IC. I am now proud and excited to be the Director of Raceview Kindergarten and Childcare. 

It is my upmost belief that each child is an individual and like ourselves as adults, we all learn differently. No child is the same, just like no adult is the same- we all have different styles and pathways to learn and as your child’s educator, I will value and ensure I support the development of each child’s skills, strengths, interests, knowledge, and abilities and this is what drives our day-day curriculum. 

At all times, we strive for excellence and place an enormous emphasis on having happy, professional and loyal educators, who are our professional partners.

Our educators are highly experienced and qualified ranging from Certificate III & Diploma in Children’s Services and Bachelor in Early Childhood, however tertiary training is only half of the necessary requirements to be a good early educationalist. Practical experience is just as important, and we pride ourselves in having a staff who have a good mix of both the educational foundations as reflected in the ‘paper’ certificate, and who also have built on this foundation a strong structure of practical experience. We are also very supportive of educators who are studying and/or upgrading their qualifications. We believe creating a culture of life-long learning begins with us!