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Like the famous theorist, Jean Piaget whose theory supports the ideology of play being the most important aspect of Early Childhood- as a former ECT educator, I too believe that children learn best through hands on, messy, creative, imaginative, and exploring play. I will ensure that each and every day, your child will be provided with an endless amount of opportunities and extensions of their play. 

Families play a big part within our sector and as parents, you are your child’s first teacher. That is why I believe in connecting and supporting all home-school connections and will encourage you to be involved in any way shape or form. I respect diversity, coming from a diverse background where my father is Mauritian, and my mother is Australian, and my extended family have a range of different culture beliefs and values. Together, we will celebrate the benefits of diversity and diverse cultures within our play and learning. 

All children should be given choices, responsibilities, and opportunities to initiate their own learning. As the Director, I will 100% strive to ensure our staff are delivering and caring for the children whether it’s developmentally and age appropriate, hands-on and creative, intentional or child centred. We are here to help build the foundation for your little one to set them on the path for a successful life. 

I look forward to sharing many days of laughter with you and your child/ren and remember my door is always open.

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. 

The more that you learn, the more places you will go’- Dr Seuss 

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We believe that hands-on, experiential learning is the best educational approach for children and we do this through a strong connection to nature and the outdoors, interest-lead learning, emergent curriculum, a play-based focus, enquiry-based teaching style and authentic play. When children’s natural curiosity is encouraged, learning flows organically.

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Our educators are highly experienced and qualified. We pride ourselves in having staff who have a good mix of both the educational foundations as reflected in the ‘paper’ certificate, and who also have built on this foundation a strong structure of practical experience. We believe creating a culture of life-long learning begins with us!

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The cheerfulness and the exuberance that the staff show on a daily basis is a testimonial to their passion for child care. Our kids come home filthy with dirt in places unimaginable but they are the happiest we have ever seen them. I could not recommend Raceview  Kindergarten & Child Care more highly to any parent that may be dubious about sending their child to child care – they will LOVE it!

Matt and Alicia

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We choose the centre because of the engaging environment that children have that connects with nature and play-based learning. Staff were welcoming, understanding and above all, focused on the children’s well being. The communication with parents is exemplary and the care, support and organisation within the centre is second to none. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Raceview Kindergarten & Child Care family!


Fantastic childcare, love it so much the carers have so much passion for what they do. I am so pleased with my decision to change daycare and put my daughtyer into care here!!! Thanks for a fantastic job ladies!!

Bridget V

Just wanted to say the staff at RVKCC have been more than accommodating and willing to provide the best opportunities for every child (and their family). You go above and beyond every day to make the child’s day enjoyable and the parents at ease. Thank you

Kristy B


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